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We are building web and mobile apps in Ruby on Rails as long as we know. Learn more why we are trusted by many US startups.

The office

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We are focused on helping Startups from all over the world to achieve their goals. We work in following technology stack:
Ruby on RailsReact JSJavascriptNodeJSBootstrapReact NativeFew satisfied clients:
Crypto currency social network siteBackup database for startupsSchool portal for teachers and studentsAnd many more...

Office life

We strive to the office environment that is professional with a human touch. Beautiful atmosphere makes building great software even more fun.

Reach out over email if you like what you see. Hey, maybe you'll join our small company as well.


We are small team of passionate developers. We like what we do and we build great code.
Reach out to know more about us at office@kolosek.me and we'll respond within 48 hours.

The Office


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